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4x4 Ladder Bars

High lift trucks love to eat up universal joints and spit out the drive shaft when a little extra power is applied. If you are lucky enough not to break something the rear end wraps up the springs and the truck hops rather than going forward.

Most guys bolt on a set of ladder bars thinking all is good. Well the universal joints last but the truck rides like it has no suspension and no one knows why. The problem is that the springs and the ladder bars are different lengths and pivot on different arcs. The short answer is that the suspension binds up and can not move. The bars in these plans have a very unique front mounting arrangement that permits the front mount to move with the suspension to prevent the binding, Problem solved ! Universal joints are protected and the suspension still works plus the bars look tough under the truck.


Application: Universal fit street and offroad rear traction bars. Use with leaf springs

Options: For use with rectangular or round tube front cross members 

The drawing package includes:

Six (6) big 11x17” pages showing you how make all parts, assemble them and then install the finished product successfully on your car. In addition to the drawings listed below you also will receive a Bill of materials and Full installation instructions


        General assembly

        Front mounting plates (2 types)

        Rear mounting plates

        Unique slider assembly to prevent suspension bind.


Comments from our customers:

  • Excellent value for money would use again A++++++++++++++ 
  • Excellent value - very clear and easy to read. Thanks mate !

$9.99 each 4x4 ladder bar plans
Item # 07


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$9.99 each 4x4 ladder bar plans
Item # 07

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