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Mustang II Plans


(14) big 11x17” pages with 3D views of all parts


The Mustang II independent front suspension is by far the most popular front end with the streetrod and custom car community. Many drag racers use the front end to knock a lot of weight from the front end of their cars. The Mustang II became popular not only because it was relatively easy to install but because they handle so well and provide better brakes as a bonus.

This is the biggest and most complete set of plans we have produced to date.

Plans include 3D views of all parts and assemblies to make fabrication and installation easier than ever. You do not need to know how to read blueprints to use these plans. 

                              CAD files are now available! 

If you would rather not do your own cutting and grinding you may wish to have your Mustang II crossmember plates flame/laser or waterjet cut by a local shop. For only $7.99 more than the printed plans we will supply you with both the printed instructions and the digital CAD files that provide the 2D profile of all plates required for our Mustang II Front Suspension Plans. This will save you or the metal cutting shop the task of having to redraw the parts and will make things much quicker and more economical for you in the long run.

This CAD Drawing package includes the required cutting files in DWG, DXF, PDF and Doc format.

CAD files are only available to purchasers of our printed Mustang II Front Suspension Plans
 as you will require the printed plans to assemble and install the crossmember.


Application: Universal fit for most Street Rods , trucks, custom cars and drag cars.

Options: Fully adjustable ride height. Locate the front wheels where you want them front to back. The plans with work with a stock or dropped spindles, as well as stock or aftermarket control arms. Standard coil springs or coil over shocks can be used.


The drawing package includes both the plans to build the front end and a second set showing how to install the front end


Fourteen (14) big 11x17” pages showing you how make all parts, assemble them and then install the finished product successfully on your car are included.

 In addition to the drawings listed below you also will receive Full installation instructions as well as important information on how to choose which options will work for your car.

·        Steering rack mounts (2 types)

·        Spring tower “set up gauge” plates

·        Crossmember front and rear plates

·        Crossmember top and bottom plates

·        Crossmember side plates

·        Cross member general assembly

·        Spring tower top plate

·        Spring tower spring ring

·        Spring tower cap

·        Spring tower wrap

·        Spring tower general assembly

·        Installation – Setting ride height

·        Installation – Cross member

·        Installation – Spring towers

·        Installation – Strut rods

·        Installation – Alignment

·        Installation – Frame modifications


 Comments from our customers:

·     Four Stars Very Detailed Plans Great interaction will recommend to other friends great plans a monkey can follow them

·     Exceptional! Great experience; item exceeds expectations. Top recommendation! A+  


$16.99 each Mustang II plans
Item # 18

$24.98 each Mustang II plans with
CAD cutting files Item # 18E


No questions asked money back guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy for any reason with the plans you have purchased please return the plans within 14 days and we will refund your money. No questions asked.


A small fee to help cover part of cost of shipping your purchase will be added at checkout.

$1.30 to the USA and Canada

$2.71 to International customers.


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$16.99 each Mustang II plans
Item # 18

$24.98 each Mustang II plans with
CAD cutting files Item # 18E

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