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Gasser Straight Axle

The plans are for the most part universal in nature and as such will work fine on most any car or truck. There are many things to consider to install a straight axle and have the car handle correctly. I have driven my straight axle coupe in excess of 130 mph. The car drives straight and predictably at speed because the installation considers important steering geometry principles.  Do it once, do it right with these plans.

The design of the axle it self was done specifically for a 37-39 Chevrolet but the only possible change required for other applications would be to alter the track width which of course only requires a change in one dimension. The plans will accommodate several types of spindles.


Application: Universal guide to suit all years of cars and trucks

The drawing package includes:

Six (6) big 11x17” pages showing you how make all parts, assemble them and then install the finished product successfully on your car. In addition to the drawings listed below you also will receive a Bill of materials and Full installation instructions


        General assembly

        Axle tube machining

        Spring perch upright

        Spring perch pad

        Axle boss

        Mounting leaf springs to the frame

        Front end Alignment

        Steering system basics including getting the proper geometry to make your

 car handle correctly


Comments from our customers:

I have purchased other plans from you before. (wheelie bars and hinges) These are the best plans I have worked with and found them concise, easy to follow, and producing a high quality part.  It is a pleasure doing business with you, 



$9.99 each Gasser straight axle plans
Item # 05


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$9.99 each Gasser straight axle plans
Item # 05

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