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Canadian Pontiac?

Pontiac in Canada 1938

As I have started on a Canadian 1938 Pontiac coupe street rod project I thought I should learn a bit about the car before I begin as I am told these coupes are rather rare. Below you will find are some of the interesting facts I have learned about these unique cars. I do not claim that my notes are all inclusive not 100% accurate as there is very little information available. My notes are based on conversations with other owners, a sales brochure for the Canadian models and a Canadian Parts book that came with my car.

It turns out GM made two very different series of Pontiac cars for the Canadian market in the 1938.

Both of the Canadian series of cars were different than the models offered in the USA.

GM Canada offered the Pontiac “Deluxe six” and the less expensive “Special six” series both of which were available as a coupe, two or four door sedan.

My coupe is of the “Special six” series and most of this article will describe what I have noted as being different from the Deluxe series and that of the American six cylinder cars.

The “Special six” series Pontiacs for 38 used a Chevrolet body and frame with a replica of the American Pontiac front sheet metal although I am told none of the front end pieces will interchange with the USA cars.

I am not so clear on the “Deluxe six” series of cars. They used a body and frame that was much more like (perhaps the same as?) the American cars. Some people tell me that the body / chassis parts interchange with the USA models because these used the design of the American six cylinder models, while other tell me they are uniquely Canadian. I tend to believe the chassis and body were based on the American 6DA Deluxe models but had the Canadian Chevrolet drivetrain.

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