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"SPECIAL" CARS - 1938 Pontiac Special six

This page is dedicated to showing the surviving examples of the very unique 1938 Pontiac Special six cars built in Canada


Records show there were 260-270 Canadian Pontiac special six coupes built in 1938                                       I have found 8 of them so far....

I would love to add more to this page. Please forward a photo and breif description to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

My coupe, currently undergoing a “Resto-mod” remake in Ontario with lowered suspension and new drive train.

Street rod for sale in Tennessee March 2021 

Photo taken by Richard Spiegelman at the 2018 Fall Barrie flea market.

Tim’s 38 currently undergoing a full restoration in western Canada > Photos from 2020

Nathan’s original coupe in Saskatchewan

No details other than someone found this on a forum and sent it to me with the note that it was in the USA and that it likely would become a street rod. Could this be the bright blue coupe that is for sale in Tennessee?

This photo was sent to me by someone on Facebook who found this car for sale on Facebook Marketplace in  Alberta Canada April 2020.

I found this one while surfing the web on in a form thread regarding the overdrives garage tour in 2019


Marked sold this streetrod was found  at  

Offered for sale on Kijiji this Blue sedan was from Grimsby Ontario

Looks to be a very solid project for sale in Manitoba at a good price March 2021

Picture found on the internet. This car was photographed in Quebec 2013

Another photo sent to me with little explanation. Very nice streetrod from western Canada

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