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Anglia Frame Plans


1939- 1953 Ford Anglia

Ford Popular 1953 - 1959

Thames panel trucks & vans 1939 - 53

Prefect 1939 - 1953



The plans with work with a straight axle or a Mustang II front end.

The rear end can be mounted with ladder bars, 4 link, 4 bar coil overs or leaf springs.

Drawings are engineered to provide an easy means for you to choose the  width of the rear frame section to permit you to mount monster tires and install wheel tubs if you wish.


The drawing package includes: Fourteen(14) big 11x17” pages showing you how make all parts, assemble them and then install the finished product successfully on your car. In addition to the drawings listed below you also will receive Full installation instructions, bill of materials as well as important information on how to make the options you choose work for your car.

Narrowed rear end Pro street frame

Can be used with Mustang II or straight axle

All frame rail parts


Rear coil over mount crossmember

Driveshaft loop

Front crossmember to mount for 4 bar, 4 link or ladder bar rear suspension

Layout of you work surface

Body mounts

Bill of material

Detailed assembly instructions.


This is the biggest and most complete set of plans we have produced to date. Fourteen(14) big 11x17” pages with3D viewsof all parts and assemblies to make fabrication and installation easier than ever.


Comments from our customers:


  • Amazing product quick shipping, great detailed plans. worth the money. very satisfied. great to deal with thanks
  • Extremely pleased with purchase. Quality set of plans. Definitely recommended

$16.99 each Anglia frame plans 39-53
Item # 21



No questions asked money back guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy for any reason with the plans you have purchased please return the plans within 14 days and we will refund your money. No questions asked.


A small fee to help cover part the cost  of shipping your purchase will be added at checkout.

 $0.95 to the USA and Canada 

$1.95 to International customers. 



Why build a new frame?

The plans will permit you to make a brand new Anglia frame from common steel tubing. The finished frame will be much stronger than the factory frame and will hold up to today’s highway speeds. The drawings have been designed to work with the other plans from to permit the builder to install the type of front and rear suspension they desire. The stock Anglia frames were an open channel (i.e. not boxed) design that are constantly flexing. The frame rails had a very small cross section and provided little strength. The small cross section and flexing resulted in a large number of these frames cracking just forward of the firewall after a few years of use.  To state the obvious any frame you may find are over 70 years old and likely have been damaged over the years by rust you can see and metal fatigue you cannot. It is my opinion that even a boxed stock Anglia frame is marginal for today’s engines. If you are using a fiberglass car the boxed stock frame drops from marginal to not at all acceptable. The stock frames do flex a lot and fiberglass will not take the flexing. You will soon find cracks appearing in your nice new paint job and the next thing you know the doors just do not seem to close right anymore. Do it right the first time and install a new tube frame under your Anglia.


A bit of history FYI

The patriotically named first Ford Anglia, launched soon after Britain declared war on Germany in early September 1939,[3]and given the internal Ford model code of E04A, was a facelifted version of the Ford 7Y,

Production, hindered by the closure of Ford's factory during the Second World War, ceased in 1948 after a total of 55,807 had been built. Initial sales in Britain actually began in early 1940. Production was suspended in early 1942, and resumed in mid 1945. In Australia, the E04A was built from 1940–1945, and again from 1946-1948.

The 1949 model, code E494A, was a makeover of the previous model with a rather more 1940s style front-end, including the sloped, twin-lobed radiator grille. When production as an Anglia ceased in 1953, it continued as the extremely basic Ford Popular until 1959

When production of the older Ford Anglia and Ford Prefect was stopped in 1953 the Popular was developed as a budget alternative. The Popular was based on the old, pre-war-style E494A Anglia. It was powered by a Ford Sidevalve 1172 cc, 30 bhp (22 kW), four cylinder engine. A car tested by The Motor magazine in 1954 had a top speed of 60.3 mph (97.0 km/h) and could accelerate from 0-50 mph (80 km/h) in 24.1 seconds. The Popular 103E was introduced into the Australian market in 1953 but not with the British two door saloon body style. Instead, it was offered as a two door Tourer, a two door Roadster Utility and as a two door Coupe Utility.

The Ford Prefect E93A (1938–49) shared the same wheelbase as the Anglia but grew by four inches to a 94” wheelbase for model (E493A) years 1949–53.



Where do I buy the materials? The Anglia pickup or car chassis is made of readily available steel tube and plate.

What years does the frame fit?

The chassis can be used on: 

Anglia from 1939 1940 1941 1942  1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953

Ford Pop 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959

Thames vans 39 - 53

Ford Prefect 39 40 41 42  43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53This frame is based on the 90” wheelbase cars and trucks. Some years the Prefect models used a 94” wheelbase. If you are working on one of these longer cars ( 49-53) you will need only to lengthen the front and rear frame rail by two inches each to use this frame.

Can the frame be used on ratrod or gasser? The frame can be built for use with a straight axle front end or can be used with a street rod Mustang II IFS. Cars, trucks and vans, street or drag car, gasser or rat rod.


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$16.99 each Anglia frame plans 39-53
Item # 21

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