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Pontiac Starting point

This is where I am starting from. A basically  solid body that has the usual poor quality patches behind the door in the lower panels. Floors are for the most part original and solid. Running boards are very rough and are only usable as a pattern to make new ones. Drivetrain and suspension is original but is incomplete.

I have known about this car since the 1970’s when I first met the previous owner who passed away before completing restoration. As with most basket cases a basket or two of parts went missing  at some point in time but luckily all of the parts that were unique to Pontiac Canada in 1938 were included. The missing parts should be fairly easy to find as they are the same as the Chevrolet parts of the same era.


Seats were already reupholstered and new door , kick panels and headliner were included with purchase.

Most of the trim had already been sent out for chrome.