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Mustang II CAD With Cutting Files


If you would rather not do your own cutting and grinding you may wish to have your Mustang II crossmember plates flame/laser or waterjet cut by a local shop. For only $7.99 more than the printed plans we will supply you with both the printed instructions and the digital CAD files that provide the 2D profile of all plates required for our Mustang II Front Suspension Plans. This will save you or the metal cutting shop the task of having to redraw the parts and will make things much quicker and more economical for you in the long run.

This CAD Drawing package includes the required cutting files in DWG, DXF, PDF and Doc format.

CAD files are only available to purchasers of our printed Mustang II Front Suspension Plans as you will require the printed plans to assemble and install the crossmember.

For more information on the Mustang II front suspension please click this link.

$24.98 each Mustang II plans with
CAD cutting files Item # 18E

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$24.98 each Mustang II plans with
CAD cutting files Item # 18E